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16 and 14

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Kierelle and Radley??? and Red and Cadburn???????


16 and 28

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Kierelle and Luna.


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Is this the right thing?

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SO WE GOT! 3! AND! 13!!!!!

so that's... DAR! AND! GOOD!

wow sweet.

''Thank you so much, Darriel. I owe you one.''

Darriel smiled sweetly at Jett, looking at the small girl in front of him. Jett scratched his eyebrow, screwing up his eye in embarrasment. ''I would totally do it, but Goodbyes seems to hate me. Like, a lot.''

''Yeah I do. He's fudgin annoying.''

Jett's lip curled. ''Hey, you little- ugh... I just said, you don't have to stay with me. Darriel is going to look after you tonight instead.''

Darriel's head tilted sweetly at Goodbyes, and she smiled sunnily back at him.


- Darriel wasn't sure he trusted that smile. If Goodbyes didn't like Jett, Darriel wasn't sure what chance he stood.

''Thanks again. I'd better get going.''


Jett nodded, smiling greatfully before turning and jogging off in the oppostie direction.

I can't be bothered with this anymore. lol.

Well fuckit here goes

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1 fran

2 jet

3 dar

4 luc

5 ot


7 at

8 ys

9 tif

10 ere

11 ler

12 phoe

13 good

14 rad

15 lat

16 kie

17 cat

18 cad

19 rei

20 to-rei

21 dean

22 kitten

23 damon

24 ruby

25 ketta

26 matt

27 seal

28 luna

29 red

30 unknown

31 geo

32 yoo

33 sashy

34 pooky

35 San

36 zap

37 intend

38 influence


okay lets go!!


so that's.... *drumroll*

sashy and geo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fucking hell i don't remember who sashy is. HOPEFULLY SHE WAS THE FLEXI CHARACTER! IM SORRY SASHY! IF YOU AREN'T.. GIVE ME A SIGN! IF YOU CAN! AHH

''Hey hey, kid.'' A voice called. His hair was bright blue, swept to the side, and his eyes were a light bluish-grey. Helplessly, he reached a hand out to the girl in front of him.

She was a girl for certain, but nothing else about her really stood about at all. Her age was uncertain and her eyes and hair seemed to shimmer iridescently. (did i spell that right fuck idk.) Her face seemed almost simple, and like it could change at any time. she was one of the strangest looking girls that Geo knew.

''Oh- are you alright?'' she asked, hurrying over to Geo, who was lying on the floor. She held a hand out to him, but Geo shook his head.

''I can't really move my leg.'' He said. ''But thanks, Sashy.''

She looked at the ground, shaking her head incredulously, glancing back at Geo. Shrugging her hands, her head tilted to the side.

''What do we do?''

Geo shrugged.

''Does it hurt?''

''No, it's just numb.''

''Uhhh. Okay, what happened then?''

''I was uhh- transforming back, you know. From the raccoon form. Once I was all back, my leg hit the floor and I just collapsed.''

''Well. Do you think that's the problem?''

''Not sure.''


Sashy duck-walked over to Geo (she was still crouched and stoof) and to his leg. She poked it with a finger, seeing if it hurt. Then she picked Geo's leg up by the ankle and waved his leg around.

''What are you doing?''

''You can't feel that?''


''I think you should be worried.''

why can't i think of anything to write about

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i want to write the shuichi/yuusuke fic but! i! cant! why!

ffs. i love jordan underneath tho. he seems a much nicer person than Lily Peet, they are a little bit similar though.

a princess twilight cometh

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hiya hiyaaaa nn

so I guess i shoiuld probably try writing characters and like bouncing off each other??

but it'll be harrrrrrrrrrrfffffffffffffffddddddddddd D:

whatevs     p p p p[ [ [[ lp vc b fk, b       :DLD:D:D:D:D:D:D:d